Glossier You: review of the new glossier perfume

When I heard that Glossier was coming out with a perfume (called Glossier You), I was excited and confused all at the same time. Perfume seems like an odd launch (I fully expected their next product to be mascara), and dare I say risky. Fragrance is so deeply personal. That said, Glossier is all about a lifestyle and I’m sure the Glossier girl would want to smell like Emily Weiss as much as she wants to be her.

So what does Glossier You smell like? Emily Weiss described the scent to Vogue as a subtle, powdery, and musky scent with the “zing” of fresh-cut iris.

According Emily, “I want it to smell like your boyfriend’s neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours.”

After reading that, I immediately wanted this fragrance. I instantly knew what she was talking about. It’s warm, comfortable, and low-key kinda sexy.

I received an advanced sample of Glossier You since I’m a Glossier Rep and I found myself conflicted, yet again.

Glossier You—Packaging

Glossier You is $60 for 1.7 fl. oz (50 ml) and it comes in a frosted glass bottle. The red cap strays from the millennial pink that Glossier has come to be known for (the outer packaging is red too). I’m not sure if I’m fond of the outer packaging since the perfume is wedged in a styrofoam padding and had a plastic sleeve—similar to Glossier’s Invisible Shield sunscreen.

For $60 give me something a bit more luxe.

As I mentioned, the bottle is a frosted glass with an ombre of the baby pink color, plus an indentation. The indentation threw me off but I must admit, it’s the perfect placement for my thumb and how I would naturally hold a perfume bottle. Aesthetically speaking, it’s not the prettiest to look at. The press photo didn’t do it any good since it looks like a bottle of laundry detergent. It’s much better IRL. Trust me on this one.

Glossier You—The Scent

The scent is as described. It’s fresh, musky, and a tad bit floral. It’s not cloying and definitely not heady. I heard someone say if Byredo’s Mojave Ghost and Gypsy Water had a baby, it would be Glossier You and they’re 100% spot on. 

The top notes are iris root and pink pepper which gives it a bit of spice and woody vibes. Base notes includes musk, ambrette for that comfiness I mentioned earlier, and ambrox.

There’s a bit of comfort in Glossier You. I catch myself sniffing my wrists throughout the day which is always a good sign. It’s clean but not in a fresh laundry kind of way. It’s warm and creamy.

On me, Glossier You doesn’t read floral at all. I love musky scents so this works beautifully on my skin. I will say it’s not an aggressive fragrance so if you’ve always wanted to try a musky scent but have been scared, this is a good entry.

It makes sense that Glossier would release a simple, non fussy fragrance since that’s their schtick. Rereading that sentence, I don’t mean “simple” in a negative way. It’s an easy fragrance. Not overly complicated or cumbersome. In order to truly get the scent someone has to be close to you.

Santal 33 this is not!

Glossier You—The Verdict

I quite like this fragrance. Color me surprised. I will say the $60 price tag does throw me off. Glossier is known for it’s relative affordability so this came a bit of a shock.

My first reaction when I saw the price was “who do they think they are?!”

As someone who LOVES fragrances, I understand that quality ingredients are hella pricey but I’m assuming the Glossier folks are using synthetic ingredients (JUST AN ASSUMPTION based off of this article). Doesn’t mean it can’t still be expensive but, again, it was a sticker shock coming from Glossier.

Pricing aside, the timing for the release is perfect as I tend to reach for my muskier scents as there’s a chill in the air. There is nothing better than burrowing my face in a sweater and catching whiffs of perfume.

This makes for a good every day perfume and it is versatile enough for day or night. I won’t say this scent makes me feel sexy so I probably wouldn’t wear it on a first date (but I would wear it on date number three) (this is how I categorize fragrances).

I like it and would definitely continue wearing it. If you do decide to pick it up, you can get 20% off your first order by using my link.