WTF is Wowder by Glossier?

There are very few influencers who can compel me to buy and Jackie Aina is one of them. When I saw her sponsored video for Wowder where she couldn’t disclose who the brand was, naturally I felt the need to want it even more. After a quick round of internet sleuthing, I found the Glossier trademark and I was a) excited and b) impressed by Glossier’s creativity.

Lo and behold, I received a package with the brand’s new Wowder ($22) in the shade Rich and after testing this, dare I say I found my new finishing powder.
Wowder comes in three sheer shades and has a very lightweight feel to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied it because it didn’t feel like a mask. The best way to describe it is “airy.” According to Glossier, it contains diamond powder for dimension—no flat effect. I will say it absorbed oil and when I set my makeup I didn’t have to blot again or deal with shine throughout the day.

In terms of dispensing, there’s a trampoline mesh so that you don’t waste product (huzzah!) and create a mess. The biggest pain in the butt with my Laura Mercier and Ilia powders is that one false tip of the product and powder goes flying everywhere. That said, Laura Mercier and Ilia are my holy grails because of much they control oil and stop shine. The only downside I can find so far is because of the trampoline mesh, I imagine it will be hard to finish product once you get close to the end. At least with Laura Mercier, Cover FX, et. al. you can flip it upside down to dispense product. I wonder how one will be able to get the product out once it’s not packed to the brim. Time will tell!

The Wowder Brush ($20 US, $25 CAD) was created to work perfectly with Wowder. It feels like synthetic brush hairs and are super soft and dense.

Wowder and the Wowder Brush were invented to work together. The duo is $35 US ($45 CAD)—you save $7 in both currencies.


I would definitely recommend applying this with a brush. You can use either the Wowder brush or any dense powder brush you already own. I don’t find that the brush makes or breaks the use of this product. A makeup brush allows you to dust the powder all over when finishing your makeup. The Glossier brush is definitely cute and is great if you’re a collector. If not, the Pixi x Maryam ($14) or the Real Techniques Setting ($8) brush works just as fine.

I tried applying this with a Beauty Blender to “bake” the under eye area and it works beautifully. I will say that powder did go flying everywhere with a sponge verses the brush. The shade Rich is a bit too dark for me to use under the eyes so I use it more along the forehead, sides of my face, and neck area. I do plan on buying the shade Dark/ Deep for the center of my face. I will also do a post comparing the two shades since there are slight differences.

Overall, I’m happy about this Glossier launch! I think this will have to be in my top five products from Glossier. Since I have oily skin, looking dewy can go left real quick. I can appreciate the three shades because the white powders are sometime pretty scary (Exhibit A).

Wowder is available now online and at the Glossier showroom if you live in NYC. If you shop using my affiliate link, you’ll get 20% off your first order and free shipping when you buy 2 things or more.


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I am a Glossier rep and received this product for free. If you shop my link above, I make a small commission.


  1. Wednesday, August 2, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    That shade looks so rich! It’d be nice to have a powder that doesn’t go flying everywhere…I’m still partial to my drugstore brands but that one feauture is a bit annoying

  2. Thursday, August 3, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Wowder looks hot. I agree with you on the trampoline mesh. It saves you from getting annoyed of wasting your beauty product.

  3. Millie
    Friday, August 4, 2017 / 4:04 pm

    Hey Eileen,
    I’m shopping from Canada and followed your affiliate link, was I supposed to enter a promo code for the 20% or was it supposed to deduct automatically at checkout? I didn’t see the discount.

  4. Kiki
    Wednesday, August 23, 2017 / 1:26 am

    Hello – I also tried to shop using your affiliate link and although it said I was shopping with Eileen, I didn’t receive a discount. Do you have a code we can use instead?