getting through the final days of summer

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Okay, let’s get one thing clear: summer is not over (yet). I know it’s tempting to whip out the autumn wears and throw away the sunscreen, but contain yourself girl!

Since we still have 30 whole days of summer left, that means I’m here to share some essentials to carry you through the home stretch.
Secret Invisible Spray

Secret Invisible Spray

Available in four refreshing scents, these spray on deodorants are easy to apply on the go, feel good on skin (not wet or icky), and leave you smelling clean without leaving residue behind. Secret Invisible Sprays are formulated with two proprietary technologies that help you to feel clean and fresh for up to 48 hours. Now I thought that was a bogus claim BUT I have to say since I’ve been wearing this, you can still smell the light scent lingering the next morning instead of sweat (TMI?)

I like that it’s a spray and go type of product because I can’t tell you how many times I get fully dressed and realized I forgot to apply deodorant (you’ve done it too).
Secret Invisible Spray
Of the four scents, my personal picks are Cool Waterlily and Luxe Lavender because they’re light, and don’t interfere with my perfume or body lotion. I can wear my strapless shirts and dresses with ease and not worrying about, ahem, sweat.

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Whether it’s avoiding eye contact on the subway or, y’know, actually protecting your eyes from the sun, sunglasses are clutch. I have at minimum two different pairs in my bag é cause I could never be without.

Like a lot of girls on the internet, I’ve become obsessed with Quay Australia because they look good and don’t break the bank.

My go to styles are the High Keys (shoutout to Desi), On the Prowl, and Vivienne.


Bright af lipstick

I’ve already talked about my no makeup makeup goals on here so ideally my summer beauty routine includes as little product as possible.

I just want to wash my face, spray on some deodorant, dab a bit of concealer and apply some lipstick. The key here is not just any lipstick. I’m talking bright and in your face so you look like you made effort when you didn’t.

And dassit. What are some of your summer essentials? Let me know in the comments (or here, or here)



  1. Friday, September 1, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    I’ve finally found a great color eye pencil.
    Audacious Asphalt is such a beautiful shade. I have these dull brown hazelish eyes and that’s the color I’ve been looking for for a very long time.
    Thanks Mabelline! I need more!

  2. Rachel Solomon
    Monday, September 4, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    As a college student I’m always on the go so I love the idea of a spray on deodorant. I love wearing off the shoulder or strapless tops during the summer. Not having those deodorant marks will be very helpful.
    Another thing I’ve been buying recently and I feel just completes an outfit is sunglasses. Depending on the shape and color it can really pull an outfit together and make the whole aesthetic.