the best and worst of glossier

I’d be a liar if I sat here and said I wasn’t intrigued by Glossier. I mean look at my collection! While I’m definitely not a fangirl, I find myself constantly picking up their latest launch because they know how to grab you. Plus, I want to convince myself to fall in love with the brand. Grab a snack, this is a long post. When Glossier first launched, I was totally down. I admired (and still do) what Emily Weiss turned Into the Gloss into and, honestly, their Top Shelf series is one of my favorite things to read (heck I think I love #ITGTopShelfie even more)(I’m determined to make it in that series, btw). Like every girl on the internet, I ordered the Phase 1 set when it was released in 2014 (this was when it included the mist as the cleanser wasn’t around then). Unlike every girl on the internet, I just about hated the products. Let’s just get started so I can tell you what I like, love, and what you should just not spend your money on, plain and simple.


Perfecting Skin Tint ($26): This is trash. I hate to be so harsh but I simply do not understand how or why people like this product as much as they do. If you are a fan of it, please leave a comment below/ tweet me/ hop in my Instagram DMs/ SOMETHING! Enlighten me. There is no coverage with this product. I understand that the Perfecting Skin Tint is supposed to be a hint of coverage but all I got when I purchased this was a runny product with a bit of coloring. They promise for it to even out discoloration but honestly it felt as if someone poured water in a bottle, added a bit of dye, shook it up, and sent it to my house. I was so upset, I actually threw this product in the trash. I never throw products away unless they’re expired.

The shade names are highly deceptive—I know someone with medium skin who uses the shade dark…bish where? I understand if you are a tween, teen, or young adult who has perfect skin but honestly why would you even bother then? Then again when you look at all of the Glossier models, they do have perfect skin and the shades stop at NC35. This may be the perfect product for the girl who wants to dabble in makeup but finds Sephora to be terrifying. I can point you in the direction of at minimum six different brands who offer light coverage and won’t be a total waste of money (NARS, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Urban Decay). If you don’t need the coverage, don’t add shit to your skin girl.

Priming Moisturizer ($25): this is another product that left me supremely disappointed, though not as much as the Perfecting Skin Tint. This moisturizer promises to plumps skin with moisture immediately upon application, soothe redness, and even skin tone. It is not a primer in the sense that it does not promise to extend the wear of your makeup. My biggest issue with this was the lack of actual moisture. After using it I felt the need to go in with another moisturizer because my skin felt dry (and I have oily skin!).

Generation G ($18): if they don’t get this dry ass lipstick off the shelves, I’ll be pissed. This is a stain, not a lipstick. Now, according to ITG, they did reformulate the lipsticks and I only have the previous release. I think Generation G is overpriced for what you get. The packaging is lightweight, cheap, and very plastic. It reminds me of the lip balms I used to buy growing up at Rite-Aid because I wasn’t allowed to wear real makeup. The lipstick is unbelievably dry, lacks pigment, and provides nothing on the lips. This formula is not forgiving, it will leave your lips feeling dry. For $18 you can get really great lip products whether you’re looking for something really pigmented or something non-fussy: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ($17 — AMAZING formula), Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick ($12.50), Bare Minerals GEN NUDE™ Radiant Lipstick ($20). If you don’t mind something that may dry your lips but want actual pigment, I like Kat Von D and ABH.

Now that we got that out of the way…


Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18): I have a love/ hate relationship with this because it is really lightweight and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I find that it is a good start at breaking down makeup but if you wear waterproof mascara, it may not get it all off at the first go around (it didn’t for me). When I used this at the end of the day, I had to use it as part of a double cleanse routine simply because it can’t take everything off. Instead I like to use this in the morning since there wasn’t much to remove. It doesn’t later or strip skin of moisture. It’s okay but not something I would repurchase.

Stretch Concealer: this is a creamy formula that has nourishing oils that give a dewy finish. This is not a matte formula by any means. It’s a pretty sheer formula that you can build up. Admittedly I don’t use it as often as my NARS Radiant Creamy or Urban Decay Naked Skin but I don’t hate it. I prefer the coverage those two provide and the fact that I don’t have to dip my finger in anything. I like to use Stretch Concealer on my “no makeup” days and, yes, I still set it even though it’s a dewier formula.

Haloscope ($22): I actually wrote about Haloscope and I really enjoyed it! You can read the full review here, so I won’t go into too much detail. The only reason why it’s in my “Like” instead of “Love” — it made me breakout 😩. Not gonna lie, I still use it from time to time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Soothing Face Mist ($18): this face mist is one of my absolute favorites. It’s made with roses and aloe to hydrate and soothe. I love using it in the morning after cleansing as it’s the perfect pick-me-up. I included this in my “Likes” simply because it’s not a necessity.



The Supers ($28 each): you’ve probably already read my reviews. If not, I’ll just link them here. My favorite is Super Pure, followed by Super Bounce, then Super Glow.

Priming Moisturizer Rich ($35): this product is the truth! My face gets unbelievably dry in the winter and this is one of the only moisturizers that’s been able to hydrate and leave my skin feeling supple and soft. It does have a faint lavender scent but it doesn’t bother me. My only gripe is that it doesn’t have SPF, so I apply my Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen (SPF 35 PA+++).

Boy Brow ($16): this product is HYPED up and for good reason. I like how it makes my brows look fuller. I’ll throw this on when I don’t have time to do a full brow routine but it’ll still pull the look together.

Balm Dotcom and Flavored Balm Dotcom ($12, each): if we’re being completely honest Balm Dotcom is really just Petrolatum. But they’re so cute!! LOL! This is pretty standard for a salve and they each have castor seed oil, beeswax, cupuacu fruit extract, and rice bran & rosemary leaf extracts (in addition to their respective flavors). I have SO many of these, literally one in every bag and in every room. When they have a set for $40 it makes it so easy to stock up!

UPDATE 3/16 8PM: OH MY GOD I forgot Cloud Paint. Literally the reason why this blog post took so long was because I was waiting for this release. smh…
Cloud Paint ($18, each): I like this. I rarely ever reach for cream or liquid blushes but you can put Mekdes Mersha in a paper bag and I’d go buy it. I really do hope that Glossier expands the color selection because two of the four shades don’t really show on my. I purchased Puff (a pretty baby pink) but decided to return because it took quite bit to show on my skin (and I was broke). Haze is my truth. It looks amazing. Glossier calls these cream blushes but they are very liquid-y in consistency. I little bit goes a long way. I wish the packaging didn’t spit out so much product because you can over do it. It’s best applied with your fingers and you have to BLEND. Alternatively you can use a stippling brush if using your fingers sorta creeps you out. You can see it in action on me here. I haven’t found that it moves my foundation or gets patchy which is such a bonus.

PS: You can get 20% off your first purchase at Glossier by using my affiliate link: I get a commission if you do and your girl is looking to re-up on some Super Pure so help me out 😂. All kidding aside there are several Glossier reps on Instagram who have codes as well. I’ll add that to my “Dislike” pile because they are EVERYWHERE and all they do is push their codes down your throat. It’s like a modern day Avon or Mary Kay lady but with hashtags. No shade to Avon and my sweet friend who works there. Some reps are better than others and you can find them literally just by looking through the #glossier hashtag. UPDATE: I’m now one of those annoying reps since Glossier reached out to me after writing this post 😂.


  1. Thursday, March 16, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    commenting per your request in defense of the perfecting skin tint! 🙂

    i’ve been blessed with really good skin (v few breakouts, even when i was a teen) and am also a pale-but-not-too-pale tone that makes buying foundation easy. because of that, i really prefer barely any coverage at all. my main skin issue is that i get redness on my chin and cheeks, and i’ve found that the skin tint gives me enough coverage to minimize the redness without making it look like i have foundation on. i feel the same way about the stretch concealer, although i agree that packaging you don’t have to stick your finger into would be preferable.

    probably there are other products that would do this job equally well (e.g. i used to be obsessed with asian bb creams), but i really like the compact, no-fuss packaging the skin tint comes in.

    so, yeah, it’s a great product *if* you fit the very narrow criteria i’m describing.

    anyway, this is a great post!! i, too, have balm dotcoms stashed in every room/purse.

  2. Friday, March 17, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    Okay, I get why some people don’t like the skin tint, but here’s why I love it. Granted it does not provide full coverage but what it does do is give my skin a radiant glow and it allows the stretch concealer (which has excellent coverage without becoming cakey) to glide on smoothly. The fact that it’s infused with diamonds is also catching. When I do wear it I get a lot of compliments, more than when I wear full-coverage foundation. It’s also extremely light and the idea of this product was not to provide coverage but to perfect the skin. I would never wear it alone but combined with the stretch concealer the two products give great buildable coverage without it feeling heavy

  3. Melanie
    Tuesday, March 28, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    I, too, was intrigued by Glossier and ordered 2 Generation G lipsticks – quite disappointed. Admittedly, it did sound too good to be true (so few shades that can look good on any complexion/shade). Not only were the colors unflattering, the texture and feel of the lipstick was unpleasantly dry yet sticky.
    So I just tossed them into the Drawer of Unusable Makeup. I did fill out the satisfaction survey they emailed me, and I was honest about my experience. So they refunded the complete order. I have to say that I didn’t expect that, and while disappointed with my initial Glossier experience, I felt somewhat drawn back to consider trying a different product. Ha, great marketing!

  4. Sunday, April 2, 2017 / 9:41 am

    I really appreciate this no – nonsense post about Glossier. I’ve been wanting to try Glossier out for some time now but haven’t figured out what to get. Most of the reviews I’ve read so far are all +, but I still needed that no nonsense take on it. This definitely helps in directing my choice range for sure. Xo