M∙A∙C Metallic Lips

The metallic lip trend isn’t going anywhere and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I love seeing metallic lipstick on people but on myself? We shall see.

Why? Because the new M∙A∙C Metallic Lips collection is filled wearable metallics as well as those that are out there. The collection features 18 shades of lipstick in a metallic finish.

M∙A∙C Metallic Lips, $17

  • Metal Head: blackened purple with multi-coloured pearl
  • Act So Cool: deepened brown with gold metal pearl
  • Zerocool: metalized emerald green
  • Royal Hour: deep royal purple with blue pearl
  • Foiled Rose: brightened blue pink
  • Hades Fire: cool red burgundy
  • Pale Rosé: cool muted neutral pink
  • Modern Midas: muted gold with pink and green duo pearl
  • Devotional: metallic purplish brown
  • Cold Front: frosted periwinkle blue
  • Silver Spoon: multidimensional silver
  • In Lust: light warm neutral
  • Digging For Gold: light brown with gold glitter
  • Jupiter: bronzed neutral
  • Pearly One: confetti’ed white frost
  • Disobedient: deep burgundy red wine
  • Nightly Ritual: blackened navy
  • Anything Once: blackened blue with multi-coloured pearl

If you’re interested in this, be quick! All of the shades are limited edition and are available online now.


  1. Angela
    Friday, March 24, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    These look great, but I can buy 3 NYX lipsticks or glosses for the price of one of these and a lot of these colors look the same as the NYX Cosmic Metals or Wicked Lippies, IMHO! I used to love MAC back in the day, but NYX has my heart now!