new to me beauty: maxus nail

One of life’s little luxuries is getting your nails done. In fact, I’m actively trying to get my nails done weekly (or, if we’re being honest, twice a month). There’s something quite relaxing about having someone else buff and polish your nails to perfection. Admittedly when that New York Times article (you know the one) came out, I swore off getting my nails done for six months. SIX months! I felt terrible. Rather than stop getting professional manicures, I decided it was time to do my research and, yes, pony up a bit.

Before the holidays I stopped by Van Court, a nail salon owned and operated by my friend Ruth Kallens. Ruth has created a space that’s healthier, not just for the clients but for the nail techs who work there as well. Gone are the UV lights and pedicure tanks (they can harbor bacteria). That heavy nail polish scent long associated with nail salons is practically untraceable since there’s an advanced air filtration system. The polishes are 5, 7 or 9 free and the creams and oils used are natural and when possible, organic. It’s a cozy space that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC.
It was there I had a chance to meet Dasha Minina, a woman so passionate about nail care and her brand Maxus Nails, it was hard not to fall for it. Started in 2015 with just three products, Maxus is about having an edited collection of nail polishes that actually work.

Her Essentials Collection include a strengthener, a base coat, and a top coat ($18, each). That’s it. That’s all you need. Literally, the essentials.

In 2016, she launched just four products in her Empower Collection. Rather than go heavy with the seasonal colors, it’s about a tight line of what you need. The four shades in the collection are classic colors everyone needs in their nail wardrobe: a beautiful nude-y pink, a classic red, a chic burgundy, and a vampy hue that’s perfect for winter. The polishes are formulated so that you can skip the base coat as it has a strengthener in the product.

Each color is non streaky and pretty opaque. They look like gel without the bad stuff and lasted me a full seven days before any signs of chipping. I’m excited to see what else Dasha has for the future!

Maxus Nail Polishes are available in select nail salons and on her website. If you’re in the New York City area, check out Van Court Studio on 90 Water Street, Fl 2.

I received a complimentary service as well as product for editorial consideration.