ALTERNA Haircare Moisture Intense Oil Crème Collection

When I took out my extensions, I was worried about dryness and damage. Now that I’m natural (I’ve snipped of 97% of my relaxed ends, baby!) I’m paying more attention to what I put in my hair. Whatever it is, I need it to be super moisturizing, nourishing, and lightweight. There’s nothing worse than hair that falls limp because of the products used!

Around the same time the PR people reached out to me about Alterna, I saw Patrice rave about the brand’s pre shampoo treatment. Kismet? I bet it is. So I called in a sample because when Afrobella speaks, you listen.

The Collection This collection is made for people with dry to very dry, coarse hair. All three products feature Abyssinian Oil, a rich source of Omega 9 Fatty Acids that protects against dehydration and leaves hair silky and shiny without weight.
alterna moisture intense oil

Alterna Haircare Caviar Moisture Intense Oil Crème Pre-Shampoo Treatment, $30
I love a good pre-shampoo treatment and more brands are coming out with them to jumpstart your haircare routine BEFORE you hit the shower. Simply apply this to dry hair and let it sit for 5-15 minutes (I’ve let it sit for longer but truly didn’t notice a big difference). It promises to boost the performance of shampoo and conditioner, binds the conditioning agents in conditioners which allows it to better hydrate hair AND repels minerals present in water to defend against build up. When I get in the shower, I notice that my hair is unbelievably soft and shampooing is much easier. My hair doesn’t tangle as easily while I’m shampooing. My hair is noticeably softer than after washing than when I don’t use this. This has become a staple.

ALTERNA Haircare Moisture Intense Oil Crème Shampoo & Conditioner, $32 each
The shampoo and conditioner are nice. The Shampoo is a low-lather oil-based cleanser and gently cleanses my hair without stripping it. It feels clean but my hair doesn’t feel dry and rough like some shampoos. The conditioner is thick but not in a bad way. It’s also pretty rich, leaves my hair feeling moisturized, and clean.

Overall this collection is pretty good! I will say the scent is pretty light but it oddly reminds me of a Christmas candle. I’m really not a big fan of the scent and that really makes it hard for me to want to wash my hair with this. Sounds pretty petty, no? I usually apply a different mask in the shower to combat the scent (Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask). If I had to recommend one item, it would have to be the pre shampoo treatment. It makes the world of difference!


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  1. Lilly
    Friday, December 25, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    Yeah i am funny about scents too. Thanks for sharing, i am on a natural hair journey and need allbthe advice i can get.