taj ma toes

Two (three?) weeks ago, I was off to Haven Spa – aka my second home – in Soho to experience their newest treatment: Taj Ma Toes. I knew I was in love because “taj ma toes” partially sounds like “touch ma toes” which cracked me up endlessly since I’m a five year old who loves a solid play on words.

This ayurvedic inspired pedicure warms, calms and relaxes the overactive Vata constitution. For reference, the Vata constitution describes one as being excitable and have high energy. I like to think of this as constantly being on-the-go (hellooo…that’s about 90% – unscientific calculation – of all New Yorkers!) The atmosphere of Haven Spa is supremely calming; I have a tendency of whispering when I walk in simply because I don’t want to ruin the mood. I’m afraid I’ll cause a random shift in the universe and BOOM, the one place in New York where I know I can relax suddenly disappears.

After selecting a color (I chose Zoya’s Logan, new and part of their holiday collection), you’re offered a nice warm cup of Spiced Chai Tea. Yum!!

Using almond, lemon, and geranium oils your pedicure is one that not only leaves your toes beautiful but skin nourished and hydrated. After a warm Vata foot bath, herbal scrub and mask application, you receive a soothing warm Vata oil hot stone massage of your legs and feet. A first for me but I can certainly see this as a nice pick me up during fall/winter.

The Taj Ma Toes treatment is available through February for $59 (for 45 minutes).

Disclosure: I received this for free but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.