Before you slip on those peep toes…

If there’s one thing I hate the most during the summer is seeing women wearing sandals with really icky feet. GET YOUR TOES DID LADIES! You’re sandals/peep toes are a lot less pretty when paired with feet that’ll make babies cry.

In an attempt to help rid the world of Bad Summer Feet-itis, I got a few tips from the folks over at Tweezerman sent over some tips that will not only make you look good, but save you some dinero in the end.

Step 1: Soak
Soak feet in warm water before beginning your pedicure.

Step 2: Trim
Nobody wants to see your talons. Not you. Not your mom. Not the man staring at you on the bus. So, trim your toe nails. The Combo Nail Clipper ($10) by Tweezerman can work wonders. It has a built in case that catches clippings so they aren’t left lying around your house. To prevent ingrown nails, cut toenails straight across.

Step 3: Clean
Yes, clean. Sounds simple but you’d be amazed at what some people DON’T do. Push (don’t cut!) cuticles back and clean under nails. The popular stainless steel 2-in-1 Pushy™ and Nail Cleaner ($17) has thin edges that are buffed smooth to prevent scratching while the textured body provides a perfectly secure grip.

Step 4: Smooth
Remove calluses and buff away dry skin with the new Tweezerman’s Sole Mates Dual Sided Foot Filer and Smoother ($20). A stainless steel Micro-File removes dead skin & reduces calluses and the equally high quality, nickel Finishing File buffs skin to make it soft and touchable.

Step 5: Polish
It’s summer. Go ahead and have some fun with your nail color. Right now, I’m drawn to anything that’s bright, punchy and full on color. There’s always a party south of my ankles friends, and I ask you to do the same. OPI’s Summer Flutter are all gorgeous!!

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