grey ant sunglasses
There are several things that I must bring to your attention from the photo above:

  • My new growth is something wicked. I relaxed my hair last month yet SOMEHOW I’m already seeing new growth and curly roots. No one told me just how high maintenance short, relaxed hair would be when I chopped it all off
  • These sunglasses
  • They’re not mine – I stole them from Sarah for about 30 minutes after falling in love and demanding that she hand them over. They’re the Kennedy: Clear by Grey Ant and I’m in love. I want/ need them in my lifestyle and I’m contemplating bribery. Sarah, are you listening? A quick browse on their website also led me to wanting/needing the Status: Tortoise sunglasses as well because I love an exaggerated anything and do you see the size of those things?!

Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Lipstick: IMAN Red

My love of a great pair of sunglasses knows no bounds. As we’re nearing the end of summer (am I the only one who goes by the school year calendar?) I fnd that my love only intensifies. There’s a difference between summer shades and fall. I could be making this up.

I am making this up.

When a coworker strolled into work several weeks ago with these guys, I knew immediately I had to have them – even if it were only for a photo. I’ve longed over them as a few of my favorite bloggers rock them in daily outfit posts but temptation is calling. I think this is one item on a very long list of Fall weather necessities.

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Hello skidderoos! It’s the frikkin weekend!!

Aside from beauty products, one of the things I tend to hoard are sunglasses. I’m quite addicted to them – over sized, aviators, wayfarer-esque – I’m sure I have ’em all. I buy them everywhere and anywhere from the vendors on the street to F21 and Zara. It’s a rather annoying habit but I’m convinced to find a pair that I absolutely love. More specifically- I’ve been on the hunt for the greatest cat eye sunnies your eyes have ever laid on for just about a year and a half. Technically it’s been since I was 12 and first watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s – but who’s being nit picky here?

There was the Tom Ford “Anouk” but at the time of its release, I was but a poor college student. Weeping silently, I’ve chugged along searching. Until about February when I spotted one of my sartorial heroines, Nicole Richie, sporting a wicked pair. Naturally it led to many nights of a deep and fruitful relationship with Google. I later learned it was the “Chelsea” from her very own line, House of Harlow 1960.

Paging Captain Obvious.

After much debate, I finally pre-ordered them a month and a half ago on Revolve Clothing. And forgot. Until I spotted a bit of cash missing from my bank account, received a shipping confirmation and voila! The shades appeared on my front door within a week and I’m sure I haven’t taken them off since.

No seriously. I’m wearing them as we speak. #love

House of Harlow 1960 “Chelsea” sugnlasses with IMAN Cosmetics lipstick in “Iman Red”

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It’s absolutely no secret that I love sunglasses. The bigger- the better. I have so many it’s ridiculous. Yet I keep buying more because I’m in search of the perfect pair of shade.

The pair that’s round enough, dark enough and big enough.

And while my friend thinks that my oversized sunglasses are nothing but ridiculousness- I don’t give a flying hoot.

So this spring, my search continues. I’ve been to H&M and Forever 21 but perhaps I’ll give OpticsPlanet a go. Just from browsing their site, I can tell that they have a wide selection of shades to suit any budget. From brand names to no name- this site seems to really have it covered. There are even prescription sunglasses. And it’s relatively easy to get them, too!

One of the largest US Authorized dealers for top brand name sunglasses, OpticsPlanet offers top- free UPS Shipping on orders over $29.95, customer service, product reviews, buying guides- the list goes on.

What I love most are the discounted prices (discount, HOLLA!) Since I’m trying to save money, full price is not on my radar…at all.

These Miu Miu shades are cheaper than, say, if you were to walk into a Berdorf or Saks. So needless to say I will be checking these people out!

Now if only my debit card would agree with me.

**catchy 80s songs anybody???…No…ok**

Well unlike the oddest song of the 80s, I do not wear my sunglasses at night. As a matter of fact, I hate seeing people with their shades on at night…or on the bus…or just plain indoors where there’s NO sun..whatsoever.

But I digress…

I have just found the most awesomest website for any sunglasses lover. Of which I am…of course. I love oversized shades like nobodies business. I own about 10 pairs and 4 aviator shades.

I mostly buy them from Forever 21 (poor man’s Bloomingdales) and H&M. I seriously don’t feel like dishing out $200+ for a pair of shades I’ll probably break. And now I don’t have to thanks to carries designer shades at discount price (my kinda deal!). These include Anarchy, Ray Ban, Angel and Body Glove. There are mens sunglasses, women’s sunglasses unisex sunglasses, and performance sunglasses…all for less!

For the sports minded, Arnette sunglasses make the perfect set of sunglasses. They’re durable, as well as fashionable and efficient. Heck these would make an awesome gift for the athlete in your life. If there’s one thing you know about athletes is that their job is never over. They’re constantly practicing and training, so why not help them out a little.

But of course the whole reason I am posting about this super cool site (easy to navigate as well) is because of this beauty I saw in the women’s sunglasses section:

(enter choir of angels here)

These are the Jacki Ohh III by Ray Ban ($139…which normally retails for $199…sweet deal right??). Ray Ban Sunglasses were one of the original grand daddies of the shades world and to this day anyone caught with the uber cool icon of style claims insta-cool status. has a wicked collection of Ray Bans. And yes, before you ask, they do have the ultra cool Wayfarer

Considering that the holidays are upon us…look towards the future baby! Give someone you know the gift of ultra cool style but save yourself some green at the same time!