I’m pretty sure I’m never going to master the art of doing my hair alone and I’m okay with that. I’ve spoiled myself with weekly trips to the Dominican salons having started at the age of 16 and never looked back. That said, it’s kind of ludicrous that even with a pixie/ short ‘do, I’m unable to leave the house looking less than stellar.

All that said, I have recently discovered a few products that allow me to tame these tresses without having to worry about product build up or weighing my hair down.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Touch of Gloss Melt in Balm, $38
This melt-in wax allows you to smooth and sculpt the hair without fear of it drying and hardening your hair to a crisp. After receiving a sample from an event last month, I’m convinced this product was made for me. It has a glossy finish and allows you to create a piece-y edgy look or slick hair back. It’s enriched with rose sakura essence, rich in fatty acids to regulate hydration and leaves a subtle fragrance. This has quickly become my favorite hair product because it is so versatile.

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream, $34
Think of the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream as a leave-in conditioner. I love using this on days where I need to combat dryness but don’t want to put a ton of products in my hair. This was the first hair product I nabbed once I started working for the brand and I’m glad I did. It’s lightweight and lets me create frizz free looks and provides a soft hold.

In the off chance that I don’t go to get my hair done, I allow my hair to air dry since a) I can’t blow dry the back properly and b) I don’t want to blow dry my hair. After washing, I apply my styling product of choice, style my hair how I’d like for it to dry and tightly wrap hair using wrap strips on my wet hair. I then cover that with a velcro mesh wrap and let hair dry. I may sometimes cheat and use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

You don’t have to have short hair to benefit from using them so go ahead, have a go at ’em.

’tis the season for fashionable gift giving! This year, I decided to skip the grouch factor and get in the mood. So as a friend, I’m here to help you find the best gifts to give. Welcome to the 2012 Miss Whoever You Are Holiday Gift Guide.

As your resident beauty girl, I LOVE giving beauty tips, advice, and gift ideas. I can browse for hours finding the perfect beauty item to give a friend, coworker, or family member. Since I know how arduous it can be, I’ve selected a few great items to make you look stylish (1, 4); protects and repairs (2); leaves you looking and feeling beautiful (3, 5, 6).

holiday gift guide beauty

1. Bauble Bar x Essie // 2. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Oil-in-Pearls (debuts in January!!) // 3. Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache Honey Bath // 4. “LoveBrownSugar” Nail Lacquer by LiSi Cosmetics // 5. Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm // 6. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge // 7. Clarisonic Aria™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System With Lancôme Set

Much like my wardrobe, each Autumn I start craving new beauty products. I’m not sure what it is but I always yearn for something new, better, and different. This season, I might have taken it a bit further than past by CHOPPING off my long locks for a shorter, simpler ‘do but that DOESN’T mean I’ll be cutting my beauty wishlist in half. No, ma’am. Here are a few items on said list:

Fall Beauty

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Oil In Cream ($45): true enough, I received a sample in the mail back when my hair was longer. Nice smell, great amount of consistency, and gives you anti-frizz action you deserve.

Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation
($59): I love foundation, oh so much. Even when my skin is in its most glorious state, I use foundation because I love the overall look and evenness. One foundation on my “OMG-I-NEED-TO-TRY” list is the Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation. Said to provide you with a radiantly flawless and dewy look I’m more interested in the fact that they ACTUALLY HAVE shades for brown skin. You go, Glen Coco.

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eye Shadow in 500 Les Ombres Turandot ($59): sweet, sweet Guerlain. Can you do no wrong? This quartet consists of a slight monochrome palette that makes for the most refined makeup looks. I’ve beaver tried Gerlain eyeshadows but these subtle yet beautiful shades just might send me over the edge. Plus, the elegant golden case travels in a black suede pouch with red topstitching. Oh you fancy, huh?

Speaking about Fancy, Guerlain (again) has their Liu Eye & Lip Calligraphy Palette ($79). Part of their Holiday 2012 collection, this is surely to become a beauty lover collector’s item. Drawing inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals, this palette has two dramatic shades for the lips combined with three iridescent eyeshadows and a matte black eyeliner. It’s all you need in one handy (albeit beautiful) item.

Tonight makeup artist Ana Marie glammed up America’s funny woman, Tina Fey for the Golden Globes. 30 Rock bowed down to Glee but Ms. Fey bows down to no one with her soft cheeks and bright lip combo. The inspiration was Old Hollywood/1950s with a twist and here’s how to recreate it:

Tina’s skin was prepped with Lancôme Secret de Vie Toner and moisturized with Bienfait Multi Vital, a combination that keeps the skin looking vibrant all day. Lancôme Absolue Foundation in Pearl evened out Tina’s complexion. Ana Marie applied it with a foundation brush and blended with a damp sponge to make the foundation more transparent. To create a sun-kissed look, Ana Marie layered a cream blush (Lancôme Color Design Creme Blush in Petticoat Pink) with a powder blush (YSL Blush Variation in #18 Coral Sand). Layering the different textures allows for long-lasting color.

For the eyes, Ana Marie lined the top and bottom lash line with Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Black Coffee and curled the lashes using a Shu Uemura eye lash curler. Lancôme Défincils Waterproof Mascara in Black was applied to create separated, dark lashes.

Lips were lined and defined with Le Lipstique in Sheer Natural and filled in with Lancôme Color Fever Shine Lipstick in Tempt Me. For a fresh, glossy finish, Ana Marie used Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Cherry Burst.

Photo: life.com


OK, confession time: I’m not a Twilight fan. There I said it. I just don’t get this vampire phenomena and pardon me but I’m a firm believer in the old school (read: real way) of portraying vampires. I’m talking burnin’ in the sun, drive a stake through the heart, use garlic to keep ’em away kinda fan.

I am, however, a beauty junkie who likes to replicate the looks I see on the red carpet. At last night’s “New Moon” premiere in LA, “Twilight” star Ashley Greene did her thing!

Celeb makeup artist Vanessa Scali worked her magic and now we how she did it. According to Vanessa, “The look was classic 60’s…well-defined eyes with lots of lashes, a strong brow and clean skin with subtle pink/coral cheeks and lips.”

We all know I’m a wannabe ’60s baby, so I’m all over this look!

To start, Vanessa evened out Ashley’s “nearly flawless skin” with Lancôme’s Effacernes concealer in Light Bisque underneath the eyes. “It gives clean, fresh, flawless coverage,” she said. Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick followed. Lancôme’s Blush Subtil in Shimmer Pink Pool topped the apples of the cheeks.

For Ashley’s dramatic eyes, Vanessa swept YSL’s Fard Lumiére Aquarésistant Cream Eyeshadow in Pink Sands over the entire eye. To define and elongate the lash line, Vanessa used Lancôme’s Artliner in Black and lined the inner rims with Shu Uemura’s Painting Liner in White. The finishing touch: a few generous coats of Lancôme’s Ôscillation Mascara in Black for “seductively lengthy lashes,” says Vanessa. Ashley’s brows were sculpted with Lancôme’s Le Crayon Poudre in Brunet.

Finally, Lancôme’s hot new lipstick from the Pout-á-Porter series-L’Absolu Rouge in Chris & Tell-made a sneak peek appearance. The gorgeous hue, which was created for designer Chris Benz’s Spring show, will be available in February. The Chris & Tell waiting list is open at the Saks Fifth Avenue New York counter. Call 212-940-2033 to be added to the waiting list.