Two (three?) weeks ago, I was off to Haven Spa – aka my second home – in Soho to experience their newest treatment: Taj Ma Toes. I knew I was in love because “taj ma toes” partially sounds like “touch ma toes” which cracked me up endlessly since I’m a five year old who loves a solid play on words.

This ayurvedic inspired pedicure warms, calms and relaxes the overactive Vata constitution. For reference, the Vata constitution describes one as being excitable and have high energy. I like to think of this as constantly being on-the-go (hellooo…that’s about 90% – unscientific calculation – of all New Yorkers!) The atmosphere of Haven Spa is supremely calming; I have a tendency of whispering when I walk in simply because I don’t want to ruin the mood. I’m afraid I’ll cause a random shift in the universe and BOOM, the one place in New York where I know I can relax suddenly disappears.

After selecting a color (I chose Zoya’s Logan, new and part of their holiday collection), you’re offered a nice warm cup of Spiced Chai Tea. Yum!!

Using almond, lemon, and geranium oils your pedicure is one that not only leaves your toes beautiful but skin nourished and hydrated. After a warm Vata foot bath, herbal scrub and mask application, you receive a soothing warm Vata oil hot stone massage of your legs and feet. A first for me but I can certainly see this as a nice pick me up during fall/winter.

The Taj Ma Toes treatment is available through February for $59 (for 45 minutes).

Disclosure: I received this for free but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

my favorite local NYC spa, Haven Spa, have added a new pedicure service for the warmer weather, sweetly called The Pediterranean. Inspired by the summertime in Sicily, this seasonal treatment kicks off with a scented foot bath infused with orange, lemon and tomato notes that’s then polished and buffed with a salt scrub and nourishing oil blend. To complete the experience, a luxurious shea and cocoa body butter infused with the delicate scents of Neroli, Bergamot, and Citrus is applied. While receiving the Pediterranean, you get to select from six colors from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2012 nail polish collection as that, too, was inspired by southern Italy and the passion of the Mediterranean.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 12

All of this is done, mind you, while you sip on a complimentary cup of iced grapefruit soda that contains a hint of Solerno Blood Orange Liquor. Yum!

Haven Spa is located at 150 Mercer St. between Houston and Prince in NYC.

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Rarely do I ever make it out of the office before 6:30pm. Normally my coworkers are dragging me out by the hair as I scream “JUST ONE MORE EMAIL!” When I do leave out of my own free will, I make sure it’s worthwhile.


A couple of weeks ago, I darted out of the office for a very special date – with a facialist at Haven Spa. I know what you’re thinking, “oh gosh, another post about Haven” but I beg you to listen. Yes, it’s another post about this little piece off heaven BUT it was an all new experience. New to the salon is Patyka, the Ecocert skin care line known and loved by many. I’m certainly no stranger to the line as I’ve raved about Patyka’s Absolis Spearmint refreshing body wash. I think I cried when that body wash finished.

For serious. Moving on…

The Naturally Radiant facial is your classic facial with an eco twist by using only Ecocert and Organic products. For 60 minutes your face smeared with naturally derived products, fine exfoliants and a gentle extraction session (ya’ll know how I feel about extractions). Before I knew it, her voice was drowning out and I was blissfully napping away until I woke up with beautifully glowing skin. I swear I’ve never seen my face any better – till this day where foundation is rarely used (concealer and powder, et voila!). I’m forever grateful for the way my acne prone skin was treated and ultimately cared for. Prep your skin for summer with an ahh-mazing facial without worrying about whether or not harsh chemicals will irritate your skin.

Haven Spa is located at 150 Mercer St. between Houston and Prince in NYC.

Disclosure: Treatment was provided gratis for editorial consideration. Please don’t forget that you can still help the people of Haiti, donate to the Red Cross today. Thank you.Share/Bookmark

Today I headed to the city for a day of great food (sushi obvi) and manicures to celebrate my good friend, Joyce’s, birthday. While we may be separated by states (she lives in Connecticut, booo) I make it a point to fête her special day no matter what.

To celebrate post sushi (Haru Sushi on 43rd is ahh-mazing by the way), we trekked downtown to one of my most favorite places in New York City, Haven Spa. While I’m no stranger to Haven (I visited here and here) my friends have never been and I was thrilled to have them experience the awesomeness that is this Soho hideaway.

We indulged in their Hot Cocoa Manicure ($20) — all the sweet you want without the extra pounds (or pimples!).

Tucked away on Mercer’s cobblestone street, Haven Spa continues to impress me with their super kind staff and warm and welcoming atmosphere. My nail specialist, Emma (whom I recognized as the same lady who did my pedi) worked quickly and quietly as my friend and I chatted away. Our hands were soaked in a warm chocolate bath than nailes were filed, cuticles pushed back. The best part of the experience was the dark chocolate scrub used to exfoliate our hands. Not only were my hands left unbelievably sot, my sweet tooth kicked into high gear and my chocolate craving soared.

ring: Betsey Johnson

My color of choice? Essie’s “Smokin’ Hot”, a deep purple-gray creme color that applied smoothly and delivers amazing color with just two coats. While the weather is warming up (slightly), I couldn’t help but give a dark wintery color one last go before I bring out the shocking corals and neon pinks. The Hot Cocoa Manicure is an experience I highly recommend for anyone! At $20 you cannot go wrong at all. All work and no play makes for quite the boring lifestyle, go ahead and indulge a bit!

Haven Spa
150 Mercer Street

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About two weeks ago, after the madness that was a wicked snowstorm, I trekked on over to Soho for a winter pick me up — a pedicure, something so simple yet totally satisfying. The journey there had worked a nerve as I was pushed into a pile of snow by a woman too oblivious to realize she cannot, in fact, fit into the narrow walkway I was occupying. In addition to that, a friendly NYC taxi cab sped through a ginormous mud/slush pile that landed ever so gracefully on my right side — waist down.

Fab, no?

I walked into Haven‘s friendly and calming atmosphere ready to be transported somewhere else. My treatment of choice? A Spiced Chai pedicure ($45 for 45 minutes), a soothing treatment that fixes winter feet (dry, rough heels and bad pedicures, hello?) leaving skin smooth and nails polished. My nail tech (pedicurist??), Emma, spoke softly and worked quickly. A seasonal service, it starts off with a warm foot bath infused with exotic spices. It felt beyond great to soak my feet after having to deal with the sludge of NYC. Next, a Spiced Chai sugar scrub was applied to slough away dry skin followed by a moisturizer, to hydrate skin. Emma applied a hot pink Essie polish (I’m so awesome I forgot the name).My toes thanked me and I thanked Emma for making me forgot (if only for a moment) about the mean streets of NYC to which I was about to return.

Best part of the pedicure? I was given a super yummy Chai Tea Latte – to which I am now addicted to and hunt Starbucks in an attempt to recreate the moment (I have yet to find one as amazing). In addition, you now have the option to play on an iPad during your treatment (naturally, I tweeted). The pedicure reinvented people.

Haven Spa is located at 150 Mercer St. between Houston and Prince in NYC.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary service. Please don’t forget that you can still help the people of Haiti, donate to the Red Cross today. Thank you.Share/Bookmark