After having the worst possible day, I made my way after work to a fun little shindig hosted by Caress® to celebrate their newest launch Caress® Tempting Whisper™ Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash AND to welcome La La Anthony to the Caress® family.

La La is one of my favorite people out there because she is not only gorgeous but a go-getter. I love keeping up with her life on her hit show, “La La’s Full Court Life,” as well as her updates on Twitter. Now, she joins Caress® where she’ll be dispensing weekly tips featuring the latest beauty and fashion trends for their Facebook fans (plus I hear there’s prizing involved!)

Since I religiously stock up on the Evenly Gorgeous exfoliating body wash, I can’t wait to add the new Tempting Whisper™ body wash to my shower collection. At the event, I was able to speak to Nicole Mancini, perfumer at Givaudan, who was integral in creating the fragrance. The body wash has top notes of red plum which is fruity and inviting. The top notes in a body wash is what you smell when you flip the lid open and take a quick sniff and can last up to an hour after applying. After a while the scent transitions into the heart of the fragrance – a beautiful white floral bouquet of wild peony, tuberose and Ylang. This is what you end up smelling when you’ve finished taking a shower and your bathroom starts to smell unbelievably delicious. The dry down, or base, of the fragrance is what you smell after a few hours of wear and it consists of tonka bean and white musk for a fragrance that is playful and sensual. Overall it’s a feminine and sensual scent that makes applying perfume a challenge because I wouldn’t want to cover it up! After playing sniffing around, I’m convinced Caress® should come out with a body lotion to complement the body wash!

The Caress® Tempting Whisper™ Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash is available is available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide for a suggested retail of $3.50 (12 oz.) and $3.99 (18 oz.).

As a woman of options, I’m a firm believer in having my cake and eating it too. If I want something but can’t decide in what color, hell, I get them ALL (or as many as my bank account would allow me) simply because. Why limit myself!?! Anyone who tells you to pick one is in cahoots with the devil, and you know what they say — the devil is a liar.

Perhaps this is a tab bit dramatic but I’m trying to get a point across, mmkay?

When I found out that Aldo was releasing it’s own fragrance, I must say I was surprised. What, pray tell, would this guy smell like? Would they go uber obvious with notes of leather or suede (see what I did there)? Or would they smack you in the face and yell “SURPRISE!” in the other direction with notes of gardenia and hyacinth? Looks like Aldo is a fan of options as well because not only did they release a new scent but they released THREE for women and TWO for dudes. You’re bound to find a scent (or two) you like.

A is for Aldo

The five-piece fragrance collection is set around different personalities (Red, Blue and Yellow) we exude and you’re encouraged to find your own. Made by fragrance houses Givaudan (creator of a few of my favorite scents) and Robertet, they come packed in block-shaped bottles that are — wait for it — stackable.

Upon first sniff, I swore I was a Blue — a.k.a what the most popular girl on campus smelled like. Now this is far from true since I was campus nerd but fragrance gives us the chance to reinvent ourselves. With notes of bergamot, jasmin and sandalwood it had almost everything I loved about a fragrance. As time went on, I figured out that I also loved Red, a scent filled with vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. It’s the perfect scent for me, though I wish it was just a tad bit more intense. Yellow, is for the girly girl who probably picks flowers on her way to work. My favorite game is to mix and match both Red and Blue for a delightful little surprise depending on which note I smell.

A is for Aldo is available in three different sizes, 10ml ($15), 30ml ($25), 75ml ($45) on

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It’s no secret I love the French. I’m already planning what I call my Great Escape, the day I flee the U.S. to call France home. I imagine myself wearing a pair of black skinny pants, a striped boat neck shirt, trench coat and super chic cat-eye sunglasses. et maintenant, I have my getaway scent.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, diptyque has launched a perfume capturing the scent of its first boutique located on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris.

A particular meeting turned out to be decisive. Two years ago, Myriam Badault, director of development of diptyque, and Olivier Pescheux, perfumer at Givaudan, met Roman Kaiser. Profession: “fragrance thief”. In reality, this scientist goes on Scent Treks for Givaudan. He appropriates the perfume we inhale when we lean in to smell the corolla, a fragrance that has nothing to do with the one extracted from plants that have macerated in solvents. An exact copy of nature, in a way. diptyque liked the principle and asked the scientist to put his technology to the service of a dream and poetry and give substance to a unique project: capture the scent of 34 boulevard Saint Germain and put it in a bottle. — diptyque

34 is more than a scent, it’s a personal lesson in the brand’s history all conveniently wrapped into one package. We begin with the top notes, the sparkling and luminous scents of blackcurrant and the green leaves from L’Ombre dans l’Eau and Philosykos, sustained with the freshness of rose pepper and citrus notes, followed by the spices (clove, cinnamon, cardamom, etc.) of L’Eau (the brand’s first eau de toilette). At the heart of the scent are the florals: rose, Egyptian geranium and Do Son tuberose with a dash of iris and violet to maintain a gentle and lively aroma. Finally the dry down consists of a combo of woods, balms and resins.

34 boulevard Saint Germain, is available not only as a perfume to wear, but also as a home fragrance. “They are both based on the same harmonies, but with a different degree of complexity”, specifies Olivier Pescheux. “The home fragrance reveals itself more quickly, in turn fresh, green and spicy. It is rustic and is more suitable for perfuming a place”.

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is available at dyptique locations, and luxury retailers nationwide.

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ok not really…but I do have a product I want you all to run out and buy. Immediately.

Not too long ago, I attended the launch of Caress’ Whipped Soufflé Body Washes. The Whipped Soufflé Body Washes are the newest addition to Caress’ body care line and Oh My God, it is amazing.

Caress has partnered up with the Swiss fragrance house Givaudan– whose responsible for some amazing perfumes such as my must have Pretty by Elizabeth Arden- and comes in sweet flavors of blackberry and white peach cream.

The aim was to capture the indulgent texture and scent of dessert soufflé without compromising on hydration. After using this body wash (and bar soap…and I don’t do bar soaps), I must say that it is pretty hard for me to use any other body care product. I am in serious L.O.V.E with the Blackberry Cream, which fills up the bathroom and leaves a gorgeous trail of blackberry essence post shower. This, dare I say it, may even replace my favorite body wash ever (!), which is ironically also by Caress- Caress Evenly Gorgeous.

Available at mass retailers nationwide, this is one drugstore body care product that I’d splurge on anytime (it sells at around $5 a bottle). Go ahead girls, indulge a bit.

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What better way to celebrate your 20th Anniversary, than to launch what could be one of the best fragrances ever. This is what the fantastic duo of Badgley Mischka did and trust me, we’re all reaping the benefits.

Last Thursday, a few beauty bloggers and press gathered at the über posh Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa for an unveiling of the new fragrance, Couture by Badgley Mischka. With all the craziness of fashion week, Mark Badgley and James Mischka were kind enough to share their time and lead us into their world on how this scent came to be.

“Our new fragrance, Badgley Mischka Couture, embodies our passion for making women feel beautiful.”
– Mark Badgley & James Mischka

“We wanted a fragrance to make you feel like you’re in a couture gown,” James said, “…an overall enveloping feeling of being in couture.”

The inspiration came about three years ago when the duo worked with the Olsen twins and discovered the transformative power of a couture gown. Couture is at the core of the brand, their heritage. So it’s only fitting that the scent be called Couture and I must say, it lives up to the name.

Available this month, it was created with perfumer Caroline Sabas of Givaudan Fragrances, who was also present at the event. Couture is described as a floriental wood scent, the fragrance blends fruits with florals and musk. My fave.

I asked Caroline exactly how it is she picked out the scents, “What’s the formula?” She replied, “There is none, it’s all testing, testing, testing”. Out of the thousands of notes, they finally came up with what works perfectly and truly delivers on the promise of lasting all day. It opens up with pear nectar, blackberry and dark plum. The heart of the fragrance (middle notes) is quite feminine with notes like gardenia, jasmine and violet. The base notes consist of cashmere woods and musk.

Mark, Caroline and James

You know I have a thing for beautiful presentation and this bottle is no exception. The design of the bottle is based on the iconic crystal bottle from the original Badgley Mischka fragrance which was inspired by vintage crystal barware except this one is metalized in gold. It actually coordinates with their Fall 2009 collection (above, which got rave reviews during fashion week).
The bottle has crystal “facet” slits that are representative of “a bare shoulder or a decolette in an evening gown,” according to Mark.

The item that has got me swooning, however, has got to be the Parfum Elixir.

This is something quite innovative and honestly, the best. Rather than your run of the mill roll on fragrance, the duo created a gel- yes, a GEL!

“We wanted a different kind of delivery system, we didn’t want to do a roller because that reminds me of deodorant,” James joked. It has this sort of moisturizing effect (though it is NOT a moisturizer) and contains emollients and vitamin E. The packaging is exquisite, a gold bar- contains 0.5oz so its TSA approved!- with “MB” etched all around it. The gel isn’t sticky or gooey, rather it felt silky and every time I waved my hand, I got a whiff of pure luxury.

Perfume, according to the duo, is an affordable luxury. So in the current economic state, its only fitting for them to release a perfume that will give women that red carpet moment. Then they uttered something I couldn’t agree more, “It’s always a red carpet moment for women.”

From left to right: James Mischka, me, Mark Badgley…I die. Of course the one day my hair decides to take on a life of it’s own and develop a mini ‘for, is the day I meet legends.