After having the worst possible day, I made my way after work to a fun little shindig hosted by Caress® to celebrate their newest launch Caress® Tempting Whisper™ Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash AND to welcome La La Anthony to the Caress® family.

La La is one of my favorite people out there because she is not only gorgeous but a go-getter. I love keeping up with her life on her hit show, “La La’s Full Court Life,” as well as her updates on Twitter. Now, she joins Caress® where she’ll be dispensing weekly tips featuring the latest beauty and fashion trends for their Facebook fans (plus I hear there’s prizing involved!)

Since I religiously stock up on the Evenly Gorgeous exfoliating body wash, I can’t wait to add the new Tempting Whisper™ body wash to my shower collection. At the event, I was able to speak to Nicole Mancini, perfumer at Givaudan, who was integral in creating the fragrance. The body wash has top notes of red plum which is fruity and inviting. The top notes in a body wash is what you smell when you flip the lid open and take a quick sniff and can last up to an hour after applying. After a while the scent transitions into the heart of the fragrance – a beautiful white floral bouquet of wild peony, tuberose and Ylang. This is what you end up smelling when you’ve finished taking a shower and your bathroom starts to smell unbelievably delicious. The dry down, or base, of the fragrance is what you smell after a few hours of wear and it consists of tonka bean and white musk for a fragrance that is playful and sensual. Overall it’s a feminine and sensual scent that makes applying perfume a challenge because I wouldn’t want to cover it up! After playing sniffing around, I’m convinced Caress® should come out with a body lotion to complement the body wash!

The Caress® Tempting Whisper™ Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash is available is available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide for a suggested retail of $3.50 (12 oz.) and $3.99 (18 oz.).

cremo cream

Having never heard of the brand Cremo, I was intrigued when told of their hero product, Cremo Cream Shave Cream. Described as “super-slick,” I wanted to try out the wonder product – created by Kyle Schroeder and Mike Boone – to see if nicks would become a thing of the past for real.

For the past two (or so years) I’ve been using men’s shaving products because they just seem to work. Nicks and cuts are rare and my legs are left super smooth. Needless to say this brand had a lot to live up to. Luckily, I fell in love because shaving was quick and easy. My razor (Schick Hydro Silk) glides effortlessly along my skin without cutting or irritating my legs, underarms or wherever. According to the brand, the shaving cream contains “molecules that become impossibly slick when mixed with water” – what these molecules are, I’d love to know.

Also taking up prime real estate in my shower is the Cremo Wash. While created for face, I use this all over as it’s super gentle but completely effective in removing makeup, dirt and other impurities. Soap free and filled with botanical oils, I take this to the gym with me for post Zumba showering (one product for face and body? Yes, please!) While it doesn’t contain soap, the wash contains Laureth Sulfate (SLS) a detergent that foams pretty easily and acts like soap. Please note: SLS is a detergent and can irritate skin to be careful if you have super sensitive skin. I, personally, haven’t had any issues with this product except for feeling a titch dry post shower (nothing a little moisturizer can’t fix).

Cremo products are available online.
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I have been testing A LOT in the body wash department ladies and let me tell you, when it’s something that smells divine and leaves me feeling unbelievable clean- there are no complaints. I ask a lot from my body washes/scrubs/soaps. You can’t be too harsh for my sensitive peau can’t handle all of that. At the same time, if it’s not strong enough I’m left feeling slick and greasy. Eww.

Enter Suave’s newest baby- Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash. In a word- YUM! Infused with mango and mandarin extracts, along with skin conditioning Vitamin E, this drugstore hitmaker moisturizes while awakening your senses with the citrus blend. The one thing I’m not a fan of- it feels a bit like dishwasher soap when coming out of the bottle. LOL! But apply it on a loofah and be prepared to be wowed. My bathroom is left smelling amazing, your skin is super clean and you smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Get on it ladies.

Disclosure: I attended the Suave launch event for this a while back and received this product for possible consideration for review. Please don’t forget that you can still help the people of Haiti, donate to the Red Cross today. Thank you.Share/Bookmark

For the past two weeks, I have been using one product RELIGIOUSLY! While I’m a firm believer in monogamy, in beauty I’m usually non-committal. What can I say? I’m a serial product tester. 😉

But Caress’ new exfoliating body wash, Evenly Gorgeous, has got me wrapped around it’s curvaceous little bottle. As part of Caress’ new Skinwear collection, Evenly Gorgeous is showing women how to make skin their ultimate fashion statement. Caress Skinwear Collection is a complete line of body washes and beauty bars that give women gorgeous skin that they will want to flaunt.

I never use body washes because most of them leave me sudsy and that annoys me to death because I spend most of my shower time scrubbing furiously rather than just relaxing. So needless to say, I was a little hesitant about using this body wash. But I chalked it up and I’m so so so glad I did.

Evenly Gorgeous contains burnt brown sugar which scrub away impurities and rough patches, while karite butter, soybean oil, and sunflower oil polish and smooth skin. The exfoliating beads aren’t harsh at all against my skin and I find it okay to for everyday use. This product claims to even your skin tone and while I haven’t seen this take effect on me, my skin does have a nice glow after use. The scent it what drew me in. It has a light scent that quickly fills up your bathroom and immediately allows your mind to wander. I’ve found just about any excuse to hop in the shower just so I can use this product.

Oops, I got a pen mark on my wrist…looks like I gotta go take a shower…

It’s that serious. I’m so close to finishing bottle number one (but don’t worry, bottle number two is already waiting). I know I’m onto something and it has been validated when I found out that one of my beauty icons, Kim Kardashian also loved this product, claiming “It literally smells so good you want to eat it!”

To make things more fun, I found out that THE Carson Kressley has teamed up with Caress to help women “make skin the ultimate fashion statement.” Check out, you can enter to win a shopping spree, get free full size samples and share their favorite fashion or beauty tips.

The Caress Skinwear Collection and the Evenly Gorgeous line is available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. The body washes are offered in 18 oz. and 15 oz. bottles ($4.49) and 12 oz. ($3.50) bottles. Beauty bars are available in 2-bar ($2.99), 4-bar ($4.49), 6-bar ($6.49) and 8-bar ($7.99) packages. Whose going to argue with those prices???