So I layer on every “preppy” pieces I own. But me being me, I have to add other elements. Style is a funny thing isn’t it? I still don’t quite know what to call my personal style but I do know what I love, what I will and won’t wear, and how to wear it. There are certain buzzwords thrown around on the subject “uptown meets downtown,” “romantic,” and yes “preppy.” I like to say comfortable but apparently that’s not descriptive enough.

In other news, I’m killing it with the outfit posts this week, aren’t I? This was taken earlier this week pre-Aveda haircut. The stars have to be the blazer (on sale!) and the shoes (new for spring!) which worked so perfectly together in a moment of unplanned glory.

kate spade dorothy parkerjuicy couture necklacecoach shoes
What I’m wearing: Banana Republic blazer; Forever 21 tee; Madewell jeans (on constant rotation); Coach flats (gifted); Kate Spade iPad case (used as a clutch); Juicy Couture necklace

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misswhoeverur (1)
Weeee!!! The weather in NYC was unbelievably warm today and I’m starting to get pumped! This may be cliché but with the arrival of spring, I always feel the need to do something new. Whether it’s buying a whole new wardrobe (did that last year but this year I’m being responsible blah, blah, blah) or cleaning the apartment from top to bottom, I like this sense of newness. This year, I was determined to take my short hair journey one step further by going to a pixie – full throttle! None of that boy cut, swingy hair! While my stylist disagrees, I’m flirting with the idea of cropped pixies and loving it so far.

Here’s to a (hopefully) happy week!
misswhoeverur (2)misswhoeverur (3)

blazer: banana republic //  cami: forever 21 // trousers & booties: zara (old) // bag: alexander wang // lipstick: daddy’s little girl c/o mac cosmetics


Dress: Banana Republic c/o; Boots: Bass; Watch: Anne Klein; Bangle: Kate Spade

Something extraordinary happened yesterday — the weather wasn’t as freezing as I thought it’d be. In honor of slightly warmer weather (and by warm, I mean 40 degrees) and in complete protest of winter, I decided to don one of the most eye popping dresses I owned to work. Seriously, the print is bananas (get it?!)

The result? A very happy Eileen. I’m quickly getting antsy and ready for spring and all that comes with, namely:

  • no more bulky coats
  • the return of Mad Men (April 7th!). I’m obsessed (O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D) with Mad Men and all that happens at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. My Sunday nights have been void (not really) (between Girls, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Shahs of Sunset I don’t get any sleep)*  I’m sort of celebrating since this dress is part of Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection (available now!)
  • bare legs
  • longer daylight hours and less cranky New Yorkers (I’m convinced the weather affects us more than we’d like to admit. Crappy weather = crabby people)

The countdown begins!

*I feel the judgement and yes, I love Housewives and Shahs. Deal with it.

banana republic scarf
dress: Armani Exchange; shoes: Bass; bag: J. Crew; watch: BCBG Max Azria (gifted); scarf: Banana Republic (gifted); bracelet: C. Wonder (gifted); hat: Forever 21
here’s my dilemma: come colder climates, I tend to give up on looking somewhat human and opt for something comfortable and warm. In the past, it wasn’t stylish, simply frumpy. This season, I’m making it my mission to not only keep warm but look good in the process. There’s no reason to give up just because the weather is not on my side.

I was recently gifted this scarf, which is part of the Anna Karenina collection by Banana Republic, which definitely takes dressing warmly up a notch. It’s pretty versatile and can definitely see it being heavily rotated. See also: this amazingly awesome bag. While it isn’t “seasonally appropriate” (whatever that means) due to it’s bright color BUT it’s too gorgeous to tuck away for Spring.

j crew edie bagcwonder bracelet
banana republic scarf2
amiright? or Am. I. Right?

right when I was starting to feel a bit burnt out, tired, and a little bit over it the ladies at M·A·C Cosmetics hosted a quick, fun happy hour to celebrate fashion week. Now in their 19th year, the M·A·C team knows a thing or two about being crazed as they’re backstage at over 90 (!!) shows creating some of the most beautiful and interesting beauty looks. My look on the other hand: completely casual and comfortable (the capelet by Banana Republic was a total hit and expect to see more of it throughout the Fall)

banana republic cape
alexander wang emilie tote
Thanks Harvey for taking my pictures!

Capelet: Banana Republic (gifted); Blouse: Joe Fresh; Jeans: J Brand Jeans; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Alexander Wang; Bangles: Gorjana (gifted) and SJP perfume cuff (old)

Happy Friday!