grey ant sunglasses
There are several things that I must bring to your attention from the photo above:

  • My new growth is something wicked. I relaxed my hair last month yet SOMEHOW I’m already seeing new growth and curly roots. No one told me just how high maintenance short, relaxed hair would be when I chopped it all off
  • These sunglasses
  • They’re not mine – I stole them from Sarah for about 30 minutes after falling in love and demanding that she hand them over. They’re the Kennedy: Clear by Grey Ant and I’m in love. I want/ need them in my lifestyle and I’m contemplating bribery. Sarah, are you listening? A quick browse on their website also led me to wanting/needing the Status: Tortoise sunglasses as well because I love an exaggerated anything and do you see the size of those things?!

On a rare off day, I ventured on down to meet up with the SKAGEN DENMARK team to take a gander at what’s new for spring and what to expect for autumn.

Skagen Denmark - men's
Skagen Denmark – men’s
For the uninitiated, SKAGEN DENMARK is a Danish lifestyle brand that offers high quality products at an affordable price point. You probably know them for their watches – simple yet refined. They’re classic pieces that aren’t definied by trends while at the same time remaining quite modern. While they may be known for watches, I fell head over heels over the jewelry collection.

For Autumn/Winter 2013, the brand’s Perspektiv collection features a new take on Danish design through flawless, delicate details and innovative materials. Gorgeous pendants that have a hint of sparkle when it hits the light allow for interchangeable necklaces (you pick between a soft leather or steel chain. Along with the pendants were beautiful rose gold rings which – admittedly – captured my heart and will be mine come Fall.

As with jewelry, the women’s Perspektiv watch collection is pretty neat and consists of high-quality genuine leather straps in pebble grey, dark brown, camel and burgundy. The watches are slim but not too delicate. The Klassik collection (the watches you see above towards the left) are just that – classic pieces by the brand.

Look out for these items come Fall!

A month or two ago I was introduced to a brand called The FFS created by sisters Cheryl Freeman and Donna Freeman Hughes. The duo hit a major coup when their line of bracelets got picked up by Barneys and they were featured on the retailer’s blog, The Window. The Freeman sisters handcraft their accessories line with the finest materials (think: recycled vintage vulcanite and oxidized Ethiopian copper) while making sure it’s true to their streetwise yet sophisticated aesthetic.

I had the opportunity to e-chat with them on their brand, accessories, and career. Read on for more:
TheFFS-headerMiss Whoever You Are: What inspired you to become accessories designers? Did you always know that was the career for you?
The FFS: The love of antique beads and loving to work with our hands. We knew that a creative and artistic career was optimum We are self taught with classes and workshops sprinkled through the years. After many years of different careers, we decided to concentrate on building a line.

MissWYA: How would you describe your personal style?
The FFS: Original….mixing vintage, tribal and modern. Our clothes are canvases for our accessories. Comfort is very important!

MissWYA: What is the design process like?
The FFS: Skype, a lot of texted photos! We improve and finish each others work.

the_ffs_freeman_sisters(beaded bracelet in the center by The FFS courtesy of the brand)
MissWYA: What’s the biggest challenge you face as a new brand?
The FFS: The jewelry business is very competitive so the right exposure is very important.

MissWYA: What keeps you inspired? Any muses?
The FFS: New material we get from our African bead dealers, artist that are uncompromising in their expression. Grace Jones, David Bowie.

MissWYA: What is the best advice you’ve received and from whom?
The FFS: From mom. “Always follow your intuition.”

MissWYA: If I were to raid your iPod, what would be on your playlist(s)?
The FFS: Fela Kuti, Roy Ayers, Osulande, Eryka Badu, The Clash, The Stooges

MissWYA: Any advice for aspiring designers?
The FFS: Stay true to your vision and keep on truckin’!

MissWYA: What’s the one piece of jewelry you grab before leaving the house?
The FFS: Bracelets and watch

Quick! Tell me the first thing that comes to mind:
My heart beats for
Fashion shouldn’t be FORCED
If I wasn’t an accessories designer, I would be a(n) WORLD TRAVELERS
Twitter or Facebook or Instagram? INSTAGRAM
Biggest mistake you see women make when it comes to getting dressed DRESSING FOR OTHER PEOPLE AND NOT THEMSELVES

Thank you to The FFS for chatting. To see their line, visit The FFS online store or shop at

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie created a faux wedding registry all to get back her Manolos? I’m considering doing the same all for this luxe little gem (except for the fact that this is out of pure selfishness and not loss). The following is a study at GENIUS at its finest. Peep game…

oscar de lat renta x beats by dre
courtesy photo

I mean, HELLO! If there’s nothing I love more in life than a great pair of headphones, it’s a great pair of headphones covered in SILVER FOX FUR and have it be created by two of the bests – Beats by Dre and Oscar de la Renta. Fellow Dominican Oscar de la Renta has partnered up with Beats for a limited edition set of high performance headphones where you can not only listen to your music but do it in style. There was a time where I had a brief love affair with a set of Beats headphones (circa 2010), so I’m well aware of the rich, quality sounds and crystal clearness that’s delivered within each set.

Sure, I live and die by my current purple pair of un-Beats, but a girl has to live within her means. That is, unless, you have the $695 they’re asking for this guys. And, hell, if someone wanted to throw a pair of these my way I’d have NO PROBLEM saying sayonara to my current set. My loyalty runs deep.

Get yours (or if you’re like me, ogle them) over at You can also check out Beats’ range of gear here.

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elegance oscar de la renta

My coworkers call me a marketer’s dream and I won’t deny it. I love the fantasy. I love accessibility. I love luxury goods. Call it champagne dreams on beer budget, if you must. When I saw these it was an immediate click to buy on the Oscar de la Renta Facebook page. Now they’re mine and just in time for my birthday (so what if it was yesterday)…

oscar de la renta
ODLR bracelet
elegance is a discipline

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