This is where you can contact me in regards to the site.

PRESS INQUIRIES: Please include your company name, time frame or deadline (if any), as well as project title within the body of your email.

PRODUCT SAMPLES/REVIEW SUBMISSION: Please send me an email. Don’t bore me. Long emails are boring, FYI. Sending me product(s) does not guaranteeĀ a review. I REPEAT, SENDING ME PRODUCT(S) DOES NOT GUARANTEE A REVIEW. I only review products that I have tested and loved. If you do send me product, remember that good things come to those who wait. This means that I am likely testing said item and testing takes time (skincare: 6-8 weeks; hair: 2-4 weeks; color cosmetics: 1-2 weeks, etc.) If you demand a review, I will send you my advertising rates.

How do I decide when to send you my ad rates?

  1. You say “can you guarantee a review” or anything similar
  2. If you have a specific deadline of when you’d like a post to go live
  3. If you’re telling, rather than asking, for a post/ tweet/ Facebook status update
  4. You make demands
  5. You make demands
  6. You have specific asks (I think this goes back to points 1, 4, and 5)
  7. Get the point?

SPONSORED POSTS AND ADVERTISING: If you’d like to advertise on Miss Whoever You Are, email me.

Send all of this to