miss whoever you areDress (tucked in as a shirt): 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target // skirt: Express // tights:Hue // boots: old

…so I felt compelled to take an outfit photo. It’s not even particularly interesting in my book but I received a ton of compliments today, so, win? Shout out to my work hubs for having a camera at his desk and snapping my pics (and confirming my case of  Resting Bitch Face, see below for exhibit A).

OHAI GUYS! Guess what we’re doing after 10,087,622,215 years of not doing any outfit photos (started a new job, lost my main photographer, life, etc. etc.) I am back with one thanks to the folks at GiGi New York who snapped my picutre at the rewardStyle fashion week shindig.


Now the sweatshirt: when a friend asks “hey do you want to come to the Phillip Lim for Target party?” the only acceptable answer is yes. It was a unicorn of events where I ended up inside before the rush of editors and bloggers and was able to snap up all of the pieces I wanted (minus a dress but I like to think that was divine intervention).

Now whenever these designer collaborations pop up I temporarily lose my mind – not because of the price point – but because I tend to really like (or love in the case of Prabal) the designer at hand. I was a bit hesitant with the Lim collab only because I saw a blatant knockoff of the Pashli as an option for purchase. My friend Dena summed it up pretty well in her post so it doesn’t bear any repeating. It wasn’t until I saw a friend’s clutch from a press preview that I decided it was worth a gander. I went to the preview party and conquered. I got the sweater above (obviously), two scarves (BOOM and leopard print), animal print skirt, trench coat, satchel, and a clutch (someone told me it’s an iPad case for dudes but YOLO).

A simple rule for shopping high/ low collaborations is as follows: don’t go in expecting designer quality. At the end of the day, the collection will be available at Target (or sometimes H&M) which means I never expect silk and genuine leather. If you want a designer, shop designer. If you want something to look great for a few seasons, go wild! I still have dresses from the Rodarte x Target partnership from 2009 so it’s all about how you take care of your clothes.

Outfit details: BOOM Sweater (Phillip Lim for Target; out Sept. 15), 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, booties from a boutique in Paris (old; similar here)

grey ant sunglasses
There are several things that I must bring to your attention from the photo above:

  • My new growth is something wicked. I relaxed my hair last month yet SOMEHOW I’m already seeing new growth and curly roots. No one told me just how high maintenance short, relaxed hair would be when I chopped it all off
  • These sunglasses
  • They’re not mine – I stole them from Sarah for about 30 minutes after falling in love and demanding that she hand them over. They’re the Kennedy: Clear by Grey Ant and I’m in love. I want/ need them in my lifestyle and I’m contemplating bribery. Sarah, are you listening? A quick browse on their website also led me to wanting/needing the Status: Tortoise sunglasses as well because I love an exaggerated anything and do you see the size of those things?!

So I layer on every “preppy” pieces I own. But me being me, I have to add other elements. Style is a funny thing isn’t it? I still don’t quite know what to call my personal style but I do know what I love, what I will and won’t wear, and how to wear it. There are certain buzzwords thrown around on the subject “uptown meets downtown,” “romantic,” and yes “preppy.” I like to say comfortable but apparently that’s not descriptive enough.

In other news, I’m killing it with the outfit posts this week, aren’t I? This was taken earlier this week pre-Aveda haircut. The stars have to be the blazer (on sale!) and the shoes (new for spring!) which worked so perfectly together in a moment of unplanned glory.

kate spade dorothy parkerjuicy couture necklacecoach shoes
What I’m wearing: Banana Republic blazer; Forever 21 tee; Madewell jeans (on constant rotation); Coach flats (gifted); Kate Spade iPad case (used as a clutch); Juicy Couture necklace

Shop my look:

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Guess what!?! It’s warming up in NYC! I know it’s like beating a non issue but I feel the need to tell everyone just how amazing it is when the city warms up. It’s been slightly schizo the past few days so it’s only natural I JUMPED at the chance to wear a springtime dress and bare legs. Yeah, that’s right. I said BARE LEGS!

Who gon’ check me boo?

arm partykate spade coach shoes

PS – your eyes do not deceive you, I cut off more of my hair so that it’s a pretty pixie and less bowl cut thingamabobby. I went to Aveda on Monday (Earth Day!) while they were attempting to break the Guinness World Record during a global cut-a-thon. Best 40 bucks spent since money went to a local charity. You can still help Aveda raise money for Earth Month by purchasing a Light the Way candle!

What I’m wearing: Juicy Couture dress; Coach sandals (gifted); Kate Spade bag (old); Prada sunglasses; bcbg watch (gifted); J. Crew bracelets; Kate Spade knot bangle