black and white everything


As a member of Glam’s Style Squad, I receive a package every few months sharing a few of the latest trends. For the latest installment, something jumped out at me – the plethora of black and white!

I hate going by “trends” but sometimes it’s pretty obvious what will end up in your closet. Just look at fashion week where designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors sent the timeless color combo down the runway. Whether its graphic lines or my favorite (polka dots!!), I’m into it this season – shocking since my wardrobe consists of burn your retina pink and orange hues 😉

glam style squad
All of the items above are from Marshalls, who allows you to shop and look good without worrying about paying too much and hurting your wallet. Yeah girl – get on that.

PS: looking to resume proper outfit photos soon but I just started a new job (eek!) and my previous “photographer” consisted of my fellow (former – wah!!) coworker (hayyy Kelci!).

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