1. KhaliaNicole@Glamour&Love

    Ooh I love the cut! I’ve always wanted to go all out and get a super short pixie cut but I never had the guts!!

  2. Dima Al Mahsiri

    Love your outfit and hair, looks perfect, but I don’t have the courage to cut it short like you :)

  3. Sheela Anderson

    Short cut hair is the way to go, few months back I got a haircut similar to yours Eileen, and never looked back :)

  4. Beth

    You look really edgy in that haircut. It fits your style as well. I love your outfit and of course, your lipstick!

  5. Meg P.

    Super classy outfit! And those pants just give it a little bit of an oomph compared to regular black/navy blues. Love it <3

  6. Knight

    Love your outfit! Looks good on you, also I love your bag!! So gorgeous and all. Spring is my fave season, this is where I got to wear simple yet comfortable clothing that suits the weather, bright color is also in and everyone’s enjoying the summer breeze.

  7. Ashley

    Cute outfit!! Love your pants :) Found your blog via Go Chic or Go home. Now following :)

    With Love,

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