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If you live in New York, or watch the news from time to time, you might have heard about SoulCycle. I first starting hearing about it early last year since a few beauty blogger and publicist friends of mine were (and still are) addicted.  From there, it infiltrated my work space and a few coworkers got hooked. Straight up O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, SoulCycle is a full-body indoor cycling workout. For the uninitiated (ahem, me) SoulCycle sounds like a typical spin class with a really energetic instructor. To my coworkers it was one part fitness and one part therapy on a bike. When the opportunity presented itself to try out this phenomenon (Yay corporate life! Thanks Amanda! And Casey! And work!) I signed up out of pure curiosity.

Let me give you a brief history on my relationship with exercising: I don’t. Plain and simple. I had a brief love affair with Zumba (still love it actually but had a falling out with New York Sports Club) but I’m not one to work out – not on my own at least. Heading into Soul, I was nervous (but excited!) because if you’ve ever spoken to a SoulCycle advocate they convince you that it’ll change your life.

And I’m always down to change my life (#FixMyLife)

soul cycle headphones

Custom beats headphones. Cray.

ZOMG! Now that I’ve survived my first class (#AttentionHasSoul) my body is confused. STRAIGHT UP LOST! Throughout the ride I experienced so many emotions – happy (I’m doing it!) to angry (how far does this resistance thing go!?!??). At one point, I was in the zone – so laser focused on the music and riding that I lost myself – until my leg almost gave out and I had a brief moment of panic (I’m dying!). Sure I might have mumbled some not so nice things under my breath every time she told us to turn our knob thing a quarter of an inch (seriously — how many inches were there?) BUT at the end I felt great! Tired, for sure, but somewhat energized.

And then I bought a makeup case, because, OBVIOUSLY.


I mean…

Would I do it again? YES – why not! Maybe not every week (#TeamLazyPants) but why not work on my fitness every now and then? If you wanna try it out, give it a go. It’s not intimidating and no one’s yelling in your face. It’s 100% motivational (and, let’s be honest, you can take it easy on yourself). I know damn sure at one point I boycotted and sat square in my seat while Biggie played in the background. Right now, SoulCycle is available in the East and West Coasts. Madison was my instructor and she was amazing.

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  1. Joanna Tuesday, February 26, 2013 / 7:59 am

    Thanks for sharing! Will be checking it out pretty soon.

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