this is going to be a long one…

OHAI! Here we are two weeks into the new year and I’ve decided it’s time I returned from my self imposed hiatus. Truth is I’ve been in a funk and while I’m always sometimes in a funk, this one was bad. I’ve been thinking about this blog, the blogging landscape in general, and how/if I want to continue doing this. Can I be honest? (rhetorical, don’t answer that. This is my blog so of course I can).

I’m kinda, sorta over some of these fashion blogs. Nothing is new. It’s a bunch of girls (women) posting photos of themselves in clothes while staring across the street or at the ground. Some are pimping brands and the free shit they get, while others desperately try to catch up. Am I guilty of doing the same? Hell yeah. I’ve been gifted items and posted them right on this site while looking at my heels thinking “I hope these tourists don’t think I’m crazy.” I’ve begged coworkers to run out and take my outfit photo because ZOMG I HAVE TO DO THIS! I also work in social media where it’s my job to be in constant contact with bloggers so I understand what PR guys and gals are going through (at the end of the day: get press for their clients).

But sometime between an outfit photo and forcing myself to write a review, I started hating what I did. More importantly, I started hating the content. I feel like I’ve lost my muchness. I’ve been so worried about getting home in time to post, that I don’t really see my friends. Or so preoccupied with INSERT BLOGGER’S NAME HERE newest campaign that I beat myself up for not being able to get the same opportunity. WHY NOT ME DAMMIT. And that kind of thinking fucks with you. So I said yes to just about everything (some moderation here and there) and pretty soon – this blog seemed like a yes man. And if you know me, I love saying the word no (so why wasn’t I saying it more often?)

Me being me, I thought I’ll quit and never have to deal with it again! But deep down, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This blog has opened up SO many doors: I got an internship senior year of college at a prestigious beauty company where I met an incredible woman whom I respected before the internship and even more after; I went to Paris for the first time and fell in love; I met an(other) amazing woman who believed in me enough to grant me an internship despite my whacky behavior on Twitter, and eventually, hired me full time straight out of college. I’ve also met some amazing (and inspiring) people – many of whom I can seriously call friends. So for me to completely quit would be hard.

And then I saw this post by a friend. It struck a chord. It hit me *smack* in the face and said, yeah girl, maybe it’s time…


my 2013 manifesto

After thinking long and hard, I’m deciding not to throw in the towel just yet. I’m giving myself another chance, only this time things will be a bit different.

  • I’m laying off the sponsored opportunities (the money is good but if the time comes for me to post and I get annoyed, what’s the point?). Will I stop completely? Nope (did you read the part where I said the money is good? I live in NYC and am a firm believer in having a side hustle) BUT they’ll be few and far between. And more on my terms
  • Speaking of sponsored opps, the ones that I do have to be different in some way. I’m tired of the same old crap and really want to take it to the next level. Challenge myself (and brands!) a bit to be more creative
  • Taking it easy on outfit posts. I don’t have to document what I’m wearing everyday. Seriously, I don’t
  • Branching out beyond fashion and beauty. As I’ve gotten older, my tastes have evolved and so should this blog. I don’t want to shock the three readers I have so I’m telling you now: be prepared to see some different shit. Maybe food? Maybe some more personal life updates? Decor? WHO KNOWS! I just want to write about what I love

“To start living my life with no other intention than simply being present.” - court + hudson

I just want to get back to how I felt in 2007 posting what I loved and not giving a damn (minus the crappy picture quality).

Eileen out.


  1. Tiffany Thompson

    To be honest, I have never seen this blog before this post. I followed a link that was tweeted by @StyleIT. I love that you are making it about what makes you happy so you enjoy being here. Have a great year!

  2. Pam

    Slow claps and a raised glass to you, my friend. xo

  3. LoudPen

    Cool post. If it’s one thing I’ve realized it’s that as a blogger, you can’t compare yourself to other bloggers. It’ll only frustrate you because you’ll see all of their positives and none of their negatives which isn’t good because their are two sides to every story. Plus you never know what a blogger has done to gain those sponsorships and partnerships so you really don’t know if they received anything other than free gifts which we all know pays no one’s bills, lol. A lot of bloggers claim to be professional bloggers but to truly be a professional, you have to be making full time income off your blog (or projects associated with it). In essence, the percentage of bloggers who are true professionals is a seriously small number.

    Also, I agree that “fashion” bloggers should cover more than fashion. It’s great to have a niche because it focuses your content but it also pigeonholes you. I personally have started covering music, film, sports in addition to fashion
    and beauty. I wanted to talk about something other than fashion because it can be so superficial and let’s just face it,it’s extra. LoL

    Anyway I’m done with my long comment now. Forgive me, my homie used to call me LongPen, lol. Tweet me @LoudPen to chat more ;)

  4. JDF

    Such relevance….loves this post, a little Tuesday inspiration!!!

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