miss whoever you are outfit post
sweater: j. crew; pants: zara (old); shoes: zara; jewelry (on left arm): bauble bar, betsey johnson watch (old), charm & chains; jewelry (on right arm): kate spade

I think it’s time I come clean and admit that I have quite the shopping problem. While it’s no surprise, it came at me full speed as I walked home carrying yet another shopping bag, this time toting the cutest French bulldog sweater. Ever.

I can’t resist you J. Crew!

Not to mention the following day I got TWO packages in the mail: shoes and jewelry, natch. It’s a serious problem. I shop to make myself happy so it looks like I need a new hobby (or at least a therapist). That all said, I’m putting myself on a no shopping mission (for real this time). It may involve me going into my current wardrobe, analyzing what I have (or what I can sell to make some extra moolah), and where I may need to invest. How long is this mission? Until 2013. Or at least Holiday 2012 (a girl gotta buy herself something sweet for her birthday).

EGADS – it hurts just typing that! Pray for me…

arm partyj crew bulldog sweater


  1. Eboni Ifé Friday, October 26, 2012 / 11:46 pm

    OMG! Every time I do this to myself I go into withdrawals, but it’s totally worth it…as long as you don’t binge shop after you end your fast…which I am known for doing.

    Btw, you HAD to get that sweater…it is just too cute pass up. Lol #enabler

  2. Jamie Sunday, October 28, 2012 / 9:49 pm

    Girl, I HEAR YOU. It is really hard to give up shopping, especially in our industry. But if you start trying, you’ll find that it does in fact get easier! That said, YOU LOOK ADORABLE HERE. I love this outfit.

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