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If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s I love a good hunt. There’s something exciting about seeing an item you love and so desperately want that you’ll scour the ends of the earth to find it. Luckily, you don’t have to go far since eBay exists and saves you the hassle.

I first discovered eBay freshmen year of college when I learned you could find amazing deals on designer items (plus find discontinued beauty products) and bid. I’m super competitive (obviously) so the bidding war was my playground. It seems I’ve returned to my old stomping grounds as I’ve found myself locked and ready to go on the items below

I mean business

Since I’m planning for Fall, I’m looking for accessories that’ll work with the clothing I’ve accumulated over the last year (it seems I’ve forgotten my budget). The best part is finding mini aha moments where one minute before an item sells, SCORE! You’re the winner. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!You wouldn’t think people are willing to part with such amazing items, but hey one woman’s unwanted Alexander Wang Rocco is my potential Fall 2012 handbag.

What I’m looking to win (one of the above): Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf Black/Blue, Alexander Wang Marion Mini Flap Bag (really want this so I can pair it with some skinnies + relaxed tee + boots!), Alexander Wang Rocco Satchel Bag, and Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf Black (I always find multiples of the same item just in case!)

Tip for shopping on eBay: if you’re bidding on something, try and refrain from constantly bidding against another person. Rather, wait until the final minutes and slowly start to monitor. The Last minute of a sale, I like to up the amount going about $20 more than I really want to spend. This gives you a buffer of keeping the higher price while the other bidders try to catch up. Or you can Buy It Now (another aha moment where victory is yours).

From the new to the hard to find, when it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.

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