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mac fashion sets
above: lipsticks, lipglass and nail polishes in Myth, Girl About Town, Russian Red and Snob.
Rebel in New York, Saint Germain in Seoul, Morange in Paris, Russian Red in Dubai – the must–have lip shades that M·A·C fans around the world reach for, and fall in love with, over and over again. Colours so globally gorgeous we worked them into 3-piece collections of go- everywhere lipstick, lipglass and nail lacquer trios in 7 classic palettes that are perfectly coordinated and regionally inspired. Wherever you are, tip and lip the scale in your fashion favour.

When you hear that your favorite lipsticks are being turned into lipglosses and nail polishes, there is only one acceptable response: HELL YES! Girl About Town and Russian red are bees-knees and I’m glad to have them for my tips (and gloss form because sometimes a girl doesn’t want to deal with precise lipstick retouches).

One of the biggest trends to come out of the recent shows was matching nails to your lip color and M·A·C’s Fashion Sets collection makes it one easy process. There are seven colors total available in lipstick, lipglass and nail polish forms. Below are the colors available in the North America collection.

Myth: Light neutral nude
Snob: Light neutral pink
Spice: Mid-tone neutral nude
Girl About Town: Bright blue fuchsia
Russian Red: Mid-tone neutral red
Rebel: Mid-tone cream plum
Chestnut: Rich chocolate brown

The collections are being released in store regionally SO if for Asia Pacific that’s Impassioned, Saint Germain, Peachstock, Razzledazzler, Angel, Morange, and Ravishing. Europe and Africa is Morange, Spice, Myth, Rebel, Impassioned, Russian Red, and Saint Germain. Latin America and the Middle East, you get Please Me, Girl About Town, Pink Nouveau, Russian Red, Snob, Impassioned, and Morange. BUT if you’re like me and want a Morange and Saint Germain lipgloss/nail lacquer, you can head online to purchase. God bless the internetz.

Available for a limited time from May 3, 2012 through June 28, 2012.

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