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Rarely do I ever make it out of the office before 6:30pm. Normally my coworkers are dragging me out by the hair as I scream “JUST ONE MORE EMAIL!” When I do leave out of my own free will, I make sure it’s worthwhile.


A couple of weeks ago, I darted out of the office for a very special date – with a facialist at Haven Spa. I know what you’re thinking, “oh gosh, another post about Haven” but I beg you to listen. Yes, it’s another post about this little piece off heaven BUT it was an all new experience. New to the salon is Patyka, the Ecocert skin care line known and loved by many. I’m certainly no stranger to the line as I’ve raved about Patyka’s Absolis Spearmint refreshing body wash. I think I cried when that body wash finished.

For serious. Moving on…

The Naturally Radiant facial is your classic facial with an eco twist by using only Ecocert and Organic products. For 60 minutes your face smeared with naturally derived products, fine exfoliants and a gentle extraction session (ya’ll know how I feel about extractions). Before I knew it, her voice was drowning out and I was blissfully napping away until I woke up with beautifully glowing skin. I swear I’ve never seen my face any better – till this day where foundation is rarely used (concealer and powder, et voila!). I’m forever grateful for the way my acne prone skin was treated and ultimately cared for. Prep your skin for summer with an ahh-mazing facial without worrying about whether or not harsh chemicals will irritate your skin.

Haven Spa is located at 150 Mercer St. between Houston and Prince in NYC.

Disclosure: Treatment was provided gratis for editorial consideration. Please don’t forget that you can still help the people of Haiti, donate to the Red Cross today. Thank you.Share/Bookmark

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  1. Anonymous Thursday, June 16, 2011 / 11:56 pm

    Thank you for this. I love facials and will surely be looking this place up when I go to NYC!

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