1. Kristin Booker

    1. Mood: Pretty good. A little tired. Trying not to get freaked out about all the fashion week stuff that’s coming.
    2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I have to be somewhere, about 30 minutes. 60 if I have to blow my hair out.
    3. Celebrity crush of the moment? Cam Gigandet
    4. Eyes/lips/cheeks: right now it’s a Juara Avocado Banana Moisturizing Mask because I’m at home and I like to test products while I write.
    5. Most overly used phrase? “OMG, I DIE!”
    6. Your worst habit? Picking at hangnails
    7. Fondest memory? Curling up on my mom’s lap so she could play with my hair.
    8. Favorite song (for now)? hmm.Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship
    9. On your nails? NARS Jungle Red
    10. Weekly goals:
    Get my calendar for Fashion Week organized
    Pitch articles
    Work out 5x
    8 hrs of sleep a night

  2. Fashion's Darling

    omg! I love Good Girls Go Bad…Cobra Starship is my life right now haha

    Be careful girl, R. Zoe is cashing in on that I Die lmao

    thanks for playing!

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