Harper’s Bazaar India : June 2009 Sonam Kapoor

While I love reading American fashion magazine, I often find that their European counterparts are much better. We all know that Vogue Paris is much more creative than American Vogue. Models, not celebrities, frequent the covers and the editorials are not set against the dreaded beige background.

But while I was browsing The Fashion Spot, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the images from this months issue of Harper’s Bazaar India. The cover girl is Sonam Kapoor. Kapoor is an Indian actress and appears in Bollywood films. (Have you ever watced Bollywood films?? Do it. YouTube it my friends. The only sucky thing is that I don’t have a clue what they’re saying lol).

Harper’s Bazaar India, June 2009

While these pictures may not be Parisian Vogue, I find them to be rather stunning. The cover may not feature a model but I find that there is something quite different when comparing it to an American Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kapoor a beautiful woman and I love how the photos are glamorous yet totally inspiring. These outfits are wearable believe it or not. And yes they may be expensive, however, a trip to your local Forever 21/H&M/Zara would solve that problem quick. But the outfit is only half of the look, you have to and I mean HAVE to be confident in these looks.

My favorite look.

Note to self: invest in some menswear inspired blazers. stat.

Photos: TFS

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