The Beauty That Is Boucheron…

Dare to dream…

le sigh…if only I could get thee...

At Baselworld Watchmaking and Jewellery Show (only THE most important event of jewelery and watchmaking industry in the world) Boucheron presented its new watch collection entitled Ronde Bestiaire Seconde Folle (Crazy Second), which features three cartoon-like animal motifs – the frog, chameleon and the owl, set with diamonds and precious stones including pink, blue or yellow sapphires and rubies.
The collection takes its name from the humorous interpretation of the small seconds display. For the seconds counter (situated at 7 o’clock) is a disc that makes a complete rotation in sixty seconds thus forming the frog’s or the owl’s whirring eye. For the chameleon version, the seconds display is represented by a swirling fly.

Also the new Reflet watch, set with 12 diamonds, is available for sale during the month of May (May 1st to May 31st to be exact) exclusively available by request. Made of yellow gold and steel, and ranging from sizes small and medium, the Reflet watch has always combined fine aesthetics and innovation: its strap, featuring an invisible and interchangeable clasp, was one of the reasons for the instant success of this rectangular watch.

If I had all the money in the world, I would definitely get this for my mother this Mother’s Day. It’s quite honestly the perfect gift. But at three grand…I’ll have to wait for that.

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