I Wear My Sunglasses At Night…

**catchy 80s songs anybody???…No…ok**

Well unlike the oddest song of the 80s, I do not wear my sunglasses at night. As a matter of fact, I hate seeing people with their shades on at night…or on the bus…or just plain indoors where there’s NO sun..whatsoever.

But I digress…

I have just found the most awesomest website for any sunglasses lover. Of which I am…of course. I love oversized shades like nobodies business. I own about 10 pairs and 4 aviator shades.

I mostly buy them from Forever 21 (poor man’s Bloomingdales) and H&M. I seriously don’t feel like dishing out $200+ for a pair of shades I’ll probably break. And now I don’t have to thanks to Sunglassesonline.com. Sunglassesonline.com carries designer shades at discount price (my kinda deal!). These include Anarchy, Ray Ban, Angel and Body Glove. There are mens sunglasses, women’s sunglasses unisex sunglasses, and performance sunglasses…all for less!

For the sports minded, Arnette sunglasses make the perfect set of sunglasses. They’re durable, as well as fashionable and efficient. Heck these would make an awesome gift for the athlete in your life. If there’s one thing you know about athletes is that their job is never over. They’re constantly practicing and training, so why not help them out a little.

But of course the whole reason I am posting about this super cool site (easy to navigate as well) is because of this beauty I saw in the women’s sunglasses section:

(enter choir of angels here)

These are the Jacki Ohh III by Ray Ban ($139…which normally retails for $199…sweet deal right??). Ray Ban Sunglasses were one of the original grand daddies of the shades world and to this day anyone caught with the uber cool icon of style claims insta-cool status. Sunglassesonline.com has a wicked collection of Ray Bans. And yes, before you ask, they do have the ultra cool Wayfarer

Considering that the holidays are upon us…look towards the future baby! Give someone you know the gift of ultra cool style but save yourself some green at the same time!

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