So if you somehow managed to miss my Michael Phelps obsession…don’t worry…there’s more.

But rather just gush about how gorgeous and athletic he is, I’m just going to go off in la la land.

Close your eyes…(seriously)

And think of Michael in his Calvin Klein undies…


Where did I get this from? Well according to my all time fave site, New York Mag’s “The Cut” Michael wears his Calvin’s. Well it kind of took Joe Gromak, CEO of the Warnaco Group Inc., which owns Speedo, to answer that one for him.

WWD: What do you wear when you are out of the pool?
M.P.: Jeans, polos, button-downs, nothing too fancy.
J.G.: He likes Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear, I hear [which Warnaco makes].
M.P.: Yeah, I wear Diesel, Seven, D&G, Lacoste — that’s pretty much it.

I mean…would you really be upset if Michale were in a Cavin Klein ad? I didn’t think so.

WWD also asked him something that comes to my mind (but moreso for the female swimmers) How does he deal with all that skin- and hair-damaging chlorine exposure?!

M.P.: I use Kiehl’s lotion. I don’t have much hair to wash, so I’m not picky about shampoo.

Not even some kind of pitch or anything as he doesn’t endorse those products…he currently endorses Visa, Omega, PowerBar, Hilton, Rosetta Stone, and AT&T — things he apparently uses.

I’m actually kind of surprised that there’s no perfume, well cologne, out there for him…L’eau de Phelps. But knowing the way Americans are , it’s probably in the works.

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  1. Friday, September 5, 2008 / 1:31 am

    the way Americans are??? lol

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