Let’s Play a Game…

I have been tagged!

This is my first time so as far I’m concerned this “tag” is where you basically just to copy and paste from the person who tagged you, except change the answers to your own.

5 things found in my purse:
1) Cell Phone
2) iPod
3) Makeup bag stuff to the top
4) Resumés
5) Marie Claire magazine

5 things in my room:
1) My bed
2) Stack of magazines
3) unused textbook
4) Piles of handbags
5) Pictures of Brooklyn I took for my Photography class

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1) Live in London
2) have (and keep) a best friend
3) Go shopping in Barney’s, Nordstrom, and Chloe
4) write a novel
5) meet Anna Wintour

5 things I’m currently into now:
1) finding a new job
2) comic books
3) trying to keep up this blog
4) Strawberry Fruit Snacks
5) my new boy(friend)

5 impressions of Romany from The 16 Diaries (the person who tagged me)
1) Great posts
2) would make a great fashion journalist
3) Seems like a good friend/ person
4) likes Australia’s Next Top Model
5) in the know

Ok so now I guess it’s my turn to tag people….hmmm

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  1. Saturday, May 17, 2008 / 3:36 am

    No joke on 5 things i’ve always wanted to do #2.

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